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A combination of classic cosmic horror with bold new weird and a vintage look and feel.

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Don’t miss part 3 of Patrick Barb’s animal heist novella plus terrifying cosmic horror by RSL, GJ Sieck, and more!

We’ve assembled a strong lineup for you this month beginning with a cautionary tale of youthful debauchery titled “Entrance Rites.” Then, from CHM alum Erik McHatton…

The new era of CHM begins now. The most terrifying cosmic horror, Lovecraftian, and Weird Fiction we’ve produced starts here. Featuring Elizabeth, Patrick Barb, and more!

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Our Team

Charles Tyra

Founder – Editor

Oenophile, logophile, aspiring writer. Completely captivated by Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction from an early age upon first reading the story: Dagon by HPL.

Resides in the flatland that is Oklahoma City.

Carson Winter

Co-Editor – Social Media 

Horror fan and author with works featured in Vastarien and the No Sleep podcast. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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