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Terrifying fiction from the likes of Erik McHatton, Jessica Peter & More. Non-fiction by J.A.W. McCarthy!

A new year and a new era for CHM, welcoming Jolie Toomajan to the editorial staff! Don’t miss this month’s horrifying anthology…

Catch part two of Matthew M. Bartlett’s terrifying story: The Scapegrace plus plenty of holiday horror!

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Our Team

Charles Tyra

Founder – Editor

Oenophile, logophile, aspiring writer. Completely captivated by Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction from an early age upon first reading the story: Dagon by HPL.

Resides in the flatland that is Oklahoma City.

Carson Winter

Co-Editor – Social Media 

Horror fan and author with works featured in Vastarien and the No Sleep podcast. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Jolie Toomajan

Associate Editor

Writer, editor, and all-around ghoul. She has a PhD in English with a focus on speculative fictions. Despite all this, she would read out loud from a book written in backwards Latin.

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