Note: Not all the stories are posted on the website, to get it all, head on […]
The crypt is a collection of very old cosmic horror stories that paved the way for […]
By Patrick Barb Chapter 3: The Coward After delivering his cryptic sing-song words—warning, prophecy, nonsense, who […]
By Patrick Barb Chapter 2: The CacheAsher’s black fur bristles when his front paws touch glass […]
By Patrick Barb Go to Chapter II Chapter 1: The Crew Asher Black remembers the tree […]
By Buck Weiss From the December 2021 issue of CHM “The weather outside is frightful and […]
By John C AdamsFrom the December 2021 issue of CHM The cats of Winfield had been […]
Shed By Isabelle Ryan Of course he never was a deep sleeper. Mutters and frets and […]
31427 By Laura McPherson The Highly Specific Electric Company released the perfect microwave. It came in […]
by Kurt Newton From the November 2021 issue of CHM 17th March 1886 The HMS Windborne […]
Mark Howard Jones For Eddy C. Bertin From the November 2021 issue of CHM From two […]
CHM: Your story: Hatchling appeared (in March 2021) and was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. The […]