Greetings Dear Readers,

It has been an absolute pleasure creating Cosmic Horror Monthly for the best audience in the world. Publishing is a hard business and small presses are constantly having to close their doors. We are going to be making some changes in order to keep our doors open. Primarily, I am no longer able to facilitate the distribution of physical magazines. To keep physical magazines around, we will transition to offering them through online providers including but not limited to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with new releases still coming on the first of every month. Physical copies of CHM will become available for purchase each month they are released but all subscription models will transition to digital. I have already seen to it that there is no diminishing of the print issue quality by making physical copies available in this way. Additionally, shipping will become far more reliable and much faster worldwide (not just in the states). This change will go into effect in June 2023 with any outstanding annual print subscriptions being offered pro-rated refunds.

The second major change is transitioning back down to paying 3 cents per word instead of 6. We enjoyed the 12 months spent as a pro-market but this is a move we must make in order to stay in business. There will be future Kickstarter campaigns to try and work our way back up to pro-rate in a sustainable way. It is important to note that all contracts in place will be honored at the signed rate. This change is for future submission periods only.

We know this transition may be a little rough, especially if you have been a long-time subscriber of CHM Magazine. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have through any of our social media channels or directly at I will personally respond to every question.

Best wishes,


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