CHM on Patreon

Cosmic Horror Monthly is on Patreon.
What is Patreon? Why should I care about that? How is it different than my current subscription?
All good questions.

Patreon is an artist support system where Patrons like you can support artists they enjoy. Think of Shakespeare or Leonardo Da Vinci back in the day. Patreon allows for tiers of support so that the more you are able to pledge the better the rewards in exchange for the pledge. CHM is on Patreon to gain the means to do more for writers of the weird. With enough pledges, we will be able to pay more to our writers, elevating us to a semi-pro paying market, and then beyond that to a pro paying market so that we may truly find and serve the best Cosmic Horror available and properly compensate those that provide it.
What can you get for pledging?

  • $3 – similar to the standard digital subscription available but you get every issue 1 week early as well as instant access to the entire backlog, not just the issues released after you sign up.
  • $5 – similarly, early access to each issue, plus access to audio stories, interviews and more!
  • $10 – Everything in the $5 tier plus a print magazine delivered every month at a 10% discount

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