An Unfortunate Error for July


We at CHM do not support the AI art movement. We believe true art is a form of human expression and therefore must be created by human hands and human imagination. Unfortunately, on the print cover for issue #37, I paid to feature an art piece that utilized AI in its creation. I thought I had measures in place to avoid approaching artists that used such techniques, but the piece was not advertised as being created with AI. I don’t want to create an excuse, nor do I wish to shy away from the mistake I have made. It is only going to become more difficult to discern the differences between human and AI art as time goes on and it is the responsibility of those who publish to do their due diligence. This is something I promise to work harder on in the future. I have no intention to hide from my mistake, the print issues will still have to run with the original art. To hopefully bring awareness to the problem, the digital version of this month’s magazine will have the art redacted because, to us, no art is better than AI art.

Charles Tyra
Editor, CHM

3 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Error for July”

  1. Thank you. AI-gen content, the way it multiplies and invades and pollutes every sphere of human expression, is indeed like a cosmic (inhuman, ethereal) horror in and of itself. We must prevail.

  2. Thank you for supporting art created by humans! I’m sorry it reached the print stage before it was caught, but fully support the no-art digital version.

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