By Jamie Lopez

Oh, Candlemaker working your craft

Sculpting scenes in a beautiful wax

Telling lurid stories of a vicious past

Tell me again how you craft

That glorious red within your vat

he says;

“It’s simple really, can’t you see?

Curious girls like yourself are key.

I’ll take off your skin, remove your eyes

and take out those shining pearly whites

I’ll melt you down within my wax

and add you to my noble craft. “

By his words I was appalled

I tried to run but was stalled

Caught in a snare, my foot was bloodied and mauled,

Last, I remember

the sound of his voice, so faint, so small

Wondering within his craft, how I’d be installed.

Oh, Candlemaker working your craft

With hands covered in someone’s past

Table smothered in blood-red wax

How long shall I burn

when I’m out of your clay

mold candle cast

Burning on the mantle of some aristocrat?

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