CHM #13 July 2021


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Lucky number 13! The new chapter of Cosmic Horror Monthly begins with more content than ever before!

Linguistio by Nick Olivo

An Encounter by Harman Burgess

Terms of Transition by David McGillveray

Your Soldier by Donald McCarthy

Uncle Ashford by A.G. Hilton

Lyle and the Space Man by Lee Rozelle

The Chain of Aforgomon by Clark Ashton Smith

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1 review for CHM #13 July 2021

  1. Horror Mike

    Very good issue overall. McGillveray’s “Terms of Transition” leads the pack filled to the brim with cosmic horror. The puzzle in the story is fascinating.
    Followed up by “An Encounter” and “Linguistio,” both very well done, the former having that “John Dies at the End” kind of vibe to it.
    Also, the specific illustrations for the stories are great.

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