CHM #18 December 2021


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We begin with a Lovecraftian tale about a dark and mysterious feline species
in “Dark Wanderers They Were.” Then, a bone-chilling reprint from Matt Cardin
called “Chimeras and Grotesqueries.” Moving along, we’ll encounter a holiday-themed bloodbath in “The Magi” that will have you questioning the very fabric of
reality before another shot of dark mystery hits you in “Maw Judy.”

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview this month with the
incomparable Nicole Cushing. Then, another holiday-inspired tale with a twist of
terror in “O Unholy Night.” A couple of doctors discuss a peculiar new publication
with dire consequences in “Pernkopf’s Fifth.” At last, a chilling examination of grief
and the afterlife in “Burning Death Amid the Mile-Long Shelves in the Library of
Forbidden Knowledge,” before we go down to the crypt for the quintessential
holiday cosmic horror tale: “The Festival.”

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