CHM #23 May 2022


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We have a terrifying, gorgeously written tale by Nadia Bulkin, author of She Said Destroy (Word Horde,
2017), in “A Dream, and a Monster at the End of It.” We’ll witness the hideous give and take of an idol that hungers for flesh in “In the City of the Idol.” Then a mysterious evil lurks in the deep of the woods in “At the Mountains of Spirits.” In the full edition, we’ll learn just how much the human spirit can take in “Cry Baby” before witnessing a complete and utter breakdown of sanity in “The Slithering Silence.” Next up, an interesting take on the apocalypse in “Contractions” before a small boy’s shadow puppets take on a horrifying life of their own in “Silhouettes.” At last, we will return to the crypt to conclude our serialization of “The Diamond Lens” by Fitz-James O’Brien.

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