CHM #8 Feb 2021


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It is February and 2020 is behind us, right? Right? At any rate, we’ve a great issue put together for you this month. Be sure to get some sleep before you devour this month’s tales, there won’t be much to find afterward.

We start things off with a jarring tale of horror and handwashing called Sanitize. Then we unravel the mystery of a desert monster through a series of letters in Nomad’s Land. Moving quickly, we find another lost legend through the eyes of a group of cross-country runners in Dead Sprint before learning the tragic tale of a young woman and an incubus in Visitor. Before we’re through, we’ll head down deep into the crypt for a rare find called The Key to Grief, you won’t believe it until you read it.

Dimensions 8 × 5 × 0.25 in

Digital, Print


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