CHM #10 Apr 2021


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To get things started, a teenager’s first day on the job at a strange, run-down movie theater, like any first part-time job, takes numerous turns each more horrifying than the last in The Ticket Taker. Then, a steel-worker seeks an apprenticeship with a midnight horror movie legend only to get far more than he bargained for in The Apprentice’s Nightmare. A man conducts a startling investigation after stumbling upon a sinister but elusive article in the darkest part of the web in The Beastly Echoes of Necropedia before a manned mission to our neighbor, the red planet turns to blood-soaked horror in Space Lizards. At last, we’ll journey down into the crypt past the cold and the cobwebs for a tale from a legend of the weird called His Unconquerable Enemy.

Dimensions 8 × 5 × 0.25 in

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