CHM #16 October 2021


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We have an incredible lineup this month. To get things started, there is something in the fog out in the unique “The Sea Like Glass.” Following that is an intimate interview and top-notch tale from weird fiction savant and Grimscribe Press founder, Jon Padgett. Then, a couple of academics discover an ancient abomination underneath the campus in “Nematocyst.” A psychiatric patient jumps universes and an artist unwittingly gets a glimpse of the unfathomable in “Meta-theory” and “Music of the Spheres,” respectively.
Moving right along, a scientist out in the field gets far more than she bargained for in “The Unveiling” and creative writing gets a new, more sinister definition in a gorgeous reprint called “The Masterpiece.” Finally, a dive into the deep recesses of the crypt for another tale of something haunting and mysterious out at sea with “The Ocean Ogre.”

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