CHM #21 March 2022


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In this edition of Cosmic Horror Monthly, an unspeakable evil lurks
deep in the woods in a terrifying piece from CHM alum Scott J. Couturier (“From
Weir”).Then we move on to “Parasites of Silver and Gold,” a gripping and beautifully
written post-apocalyptic tale by Hailey Piper, author of The Worm and His Kings that
will have you thinking twice about going out at night alone. In “A Few Missing Pieces,”
a new invention changes its creator’s life along with the fabric of space-time. Then, a
search for monsters near Loch Ness uncovers something far more sinister than Nessie
in “Patter of Photons.”

In “Osage Orange” there is something beyond strange at the old tree in the far
corner of the farm. A summer day at a seemingly peaceful pond turns quickly to
horror in “Polystoma,” before a perfectly innocuous drug deal in a grimy locker room
turns into a seafood fest in “Crab Man.” Then, at long last, we descend into the crypt
for a true classic: “The Body Snatcher” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Currently, only digital copies are available but we hope to update that soon!

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